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Fly like a Bird 3

Fly like a Bird 3 game is an online flash game that also appeared for Android. If you ever wished to experience the things a bird is experiencing you can do it now, and even more. If you accumulate points and use them to poop wherever you like, on different things: traffic, cars, people and electricity pools. Aiming becomes easier if you fly as close as possible to every target.

People enjoy this game and find it very funny because of different reasons. You can build nests, gather food and raise chicks. There is a multiplayer mode available. Other game modes are single player and MMO. For flying you can use the arrow keys, but this can be customized. Pooping can be performed with the space bar. The graphics are 3D and look very nice and the action can be experienced in real time and a 3D environment.

In the original version you can choose from two different birds. Cityscape is the original map. You can unlock more birds and landscapes as you progress in the game. The game has many thousands of players around the world already. The subject of the game is in fact birds attacking residents with poop. Fly over the city over the woods or in the mountains.

You can have the pleasure of flying, twisting nests but be careful not to get lost by crashing into a house or end up under a car. The game was developed by Gamevial and is a web cult classic. The game is very addictive. For the Android version, the quality of the game has been improved in time and different bug fixes were made. New landscapes were added all the time. Have fun with Fly like a Bird 3, an addictive flash game in which you fly like a bird, forage for food, construct nests, raise chicks and poop on silly people in cities, forests or different landscapes.